Who are Knoma?

We help learners find and finance courses at institutions like yours.

And our mission?

Our mission is to enable access to lifelong education and reduce the skills gap.

Who we are

Lifelong learning is crucial to stay ahead in our changing world. But finding the right course can be tough, and for many of us, funding it can be even tougher.

We’re innovating to help people find the right course for them, and then fund it through ethical, compassionate finance. One day, we want to live in a world where anyone can transform their lives through lifelong learning.

How we help you

Boost enrolments

Lowering barriers to entry means more people can benefit from your courses, whilst boosting diversity too.

Get paid upfront

Your learners pay later, but you receive the money upfront. In fact, you’ll receive it within 1 business day of them being approved.

Remove risk

We take on the risks associated with loans, like defaults, so that you can focus on delivering life-changing learning.

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