Partner Portal Dashboard

The Partner Portal showcases data on student applications through Knoma.

Your Partnership Manager will give all necessary stakeholders access to the Partner Portal. The Partner Portal gives visibility on the status of student applications through Knoma. The information below is taken from a test environment. You will also receive Knoma's Onboarding Programme and we encourage each user to go through this.

Partner Portal Walkthrough

The home dashboard will also display applications within the last 14 days with their respective status.

The various application statuses are shown below:

Education Provider's Courses

The course tab enables you add new courses, edit existing courses and create course variants (eg. Full-time & Part-time).

Your Team

Within the Team tab you can add and remove colleagues from the Partner Portal

Application Review

Through the Application tab you will be able to search for specific student's and download a CSV file of the applications.

You can also view an application in more detail. The review will provide information on the loan amount, the deposit (if any) declared by the student, along with the student's personal information.

You can also download the application invoice for reconciliation within your accounting software.

Portal Settings

Within settings you are able to update account information and password, as well as make changes to your company page on the Knoma marketplace.

You can also upload your Social Media Account information and Company Address

Why has an applicant been Declined?

The most common reasons for an application not being approved are:

  • They have had prior Credit File defaults

  • They have not met Knoma's Affordability Rules

  • They have not passed the Identity Checks

Reach out to if you have any questions about a recent decline!

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