Using the Eligibility Checker


Use our eligibility checker to help your prospective students understand whether they're likely to be eligible to use Knoma before they apply.

Our principles

Knoma pays our partners upfront, this means we assume the risk associated with lending.

We're an ethical lender, and it's important to us that we only lend to people we think a loan is right for. So we won't lend money to someone unless we are confident they can pay us back for their course without getting into financial trouble.

Helping your potential customers understand their eligibility

Encouraging potential students to check their eligibility helps improve your customer experience – and your experience, too.

  • Helps potential students feel confident to apply

  • Avoids disappointment if somebody is not likely to be accepted

  • Increases your approval rate

We have created guidance on how to...

Here is a link to our eligibility checker

What are your eligibility criteria?

As a central part of our commitment to ethical finance, we must be reasonably confident that paying later for their course is not likely to lead to financial trouble.

So, to be eligible to use Knoma, applicants must...

  • Be a UK resident

  • Be 18+ years old

  • Have a UK bank account

All loans are subject to a credit check and an affordability check. We tend not to lend to people who have a history of late payments, defaults, CCJs (County Court Judgements) or bankruptcy.

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