What it means to be an IAR & Training

This section will outline what it means to be an IAR & how to ensure you are staying compliant with FCA guidelines

As an IAR of Knoma, you will also need to ensure you keep accurate records of the business transacted under the IAR Agreement via the regulated product. This includes storing all documents, information & data. Such records can include but are not limited to:

  • Volume of customers introduced by the IAR

  • Quantum of lending introduced by the IAR

  • Whether the lending is regulated or non-regulated and the volume by customer and amount of each

  • Number and nature of customer complaints

  • Course completion & pass rates

  • Course outcomes (job placements etc..)

  • NPS scores

Of course much of the information above can be found in Knoma's partner portal.

IARs will need to agree to give Knoma full access to any records relating to the Regulated Activities the IAR carries on under this Agreement.

Knoma will need to audit information on the above bi-annually and the due diligence questionnaire will also need to be completed on an annual basis.

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