🔐Knoma's Regulated Finance Product

This is a resource to learn more about Knoma's regulated, interest-bearing finance product. Use this resource to ensure compliance with FCA Principles & to educate & train your team.

Knoma was granted its full lending license by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) on 27/04/2023. This was a huge milestone for Knoma as it not only endorsed the business but it also enabled Knoma to introduce regulated finance products.

You can find Knoma on the FCA register under firm reference number 922520.

Knoma now offers two finance products:

Unregulated: 2-10 months, interest-free (0% APR)

Regulated: 11-36 months, interest-bearing (variable APR, risk-based pricing)

In order to access Knoma's longer loan term product, partners need to become an Introducer Appointed Representative (IAR) of Knoma. In short this means, Knoma approves you to operate under its license with limited responsibilities. Knoma must first appoint you as an IAR before submitting you to the FCA register.

Knoma then operates as 'The Principal' firm.

The next section will cover the process of becoming an IAR of Knoma.

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