Adding New Courses & Course Variants

Change and Edit your courses on the Knoma Marketplace

We have now released the functionality for our partners to take ownership of their courses. Through the Partner Portal, you will now be able to add courses yourselves & create variants of existing courses to account for different learning modalities (online / In-person), different prices (discounts etc..) & time commitment (full time vs part time).

Permission Levels & Course Creation

You will need to ensure you have 'Owner' or 'Write' permissions to create and edit courses.

To publish the course on the Knoma Marketplace to help drive further enrolments, ensure that the course is listed as Public (see photo)

Creating Course Variants

Please see the video below for guidance on creating Course Variants

To ensure a Course Variant has been published on the Knoma Marketplace, the Course needs to be listed as 'Public' and the Variant needs to be toggled to 'Published'.

You are also able to share Application links directly with students from the course page. Simply click into the course to view the variants & click share link variant you wish to send to a student.

Inviting an individual to apply for finance

Updating Marketplace Info & Adding Training Campus

To ensure the information displayed on the Knoma Marketplace is correct, please head to settings and ensure the Logo has been uploaded and company details have been filled in. See video to watch demo of Campus Creation.

If you need help adding courses, updating course variants, please reach out to

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