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Announcing our Partnership

Congratulations, you're on board!

Our Announcement

Time to make a splash. We'll support your Knoma launch by announcing our partnership on social media. All you need to do is submit this short form to let us know how you'd like us to do this.

Your Announcement

Beginning your Knoma partnership is an exciting moment!
Knoma is a great way to ignite new relationships, and reignite old ones.
Create your own content in a way that works for your brand. For example, you could share a series of posts across your social media channels to share the news, create a mail-out to your potential customers and include the news in your newsletter. If you prefer, you can simply re-share our content.
💡 This is also a great moment to share a press release. Your potential students are now able to come to your school without paying anything upfront – no interest. That's big news! We are happy to provide quotes – just ask your Partnership Manager.