What is the Knoma SDK?
The Knoma SDK is a JavaScript library which is hosted on your (the partner's) website. It has many different functions all of which can be found within the Knoma SDK documentation, but primarily it is for generating the ‘Pay with Knoma’ modal on your checkout page.
The "Pay with Knoma" button allows your applicants to quickly secure funding for any course you register with us. Our product allows the applicant to better manage their cash flow by allowing them to spread out the cost of the course (max. 12 months repayment duration) without incurring any interest or fees. In other words, Knoma allows the applicant to "learn now, pay later".
With our lightweight (27kb) JavaScript web SDK, you can easily add the Knoma checkout solution with just one line of code which, once added, never needs to be updated or maintained - we take care of all of this!
In addition to the checkout functionality, our SDK makes it super quick and easy to add more information about Knoma to your website - a crucial step for improving the application funnel, as it informs the applicant that another solution is available if they are unable to pay the price upfront.


In order to add the "Pay with Knoma" button, your organisation must be an approved Knoma Partner and must have a Partner ID to identify and authorise your organisation within our systems. If you have not yet applied, but wish to use the "Pay with Knoma" offering, you can do so here.
You will need writable access to your website. If you do not have writable access, please contact your system administrator.
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