Key FAQs

Fixing the ‘Course ID does not match our records' error when installing the Knoma SDK
Below is a list of all errors that may be returned. Errors will be printed out in the Browser debugger window. Accessing this on your browser can be found here. Additionally, if you have added the pwk callback method, you can retrieve them here as well.
5001 = Pay with Knoma DOM Element not found on Page.
5002 = Provider ID not Found.
5003 = Course ID not Found.
5004 = CSS Stylesheet Missing from Document.
5005 = There is more than one Pay with Knoma DOM Element found on Page. There can only be one.
5006 = UAT Mode Enabled.
5007 = Partner ID Missing.
5008 = Partner ID is Invalid.
5009 = Partner is not (yet) Approved.
5010 = Course ID Missing.
5011 = Course ID is Invalid.
5012 = Internal Course ID's Missing.
5013 = Portal JSON Payload is Malformed.
5014 = SDK Asset JSON Payload is Malformed.
5015 = Incorrect SDK Library Version Installed.
For any questions concerning the installation and setup process, please contact us at [email protected].
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